Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition 6th Edition

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   Every new print copy of Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition, Sixth Edition includes Navigate 2 Premier Access which includes numerous learning tools and study aids including a full eBook, 15 interactive case-study modules, animations, workbook exercises in writable PDF format, and much more. The sixth edition of Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition provides students with the latest sports nutrition information and dietary practices enabling them to assist athletes and fitness enthusiasts in achieving their personal performance goals. The authors provide data and statistics from the latest nutrition research and guidelines to demonstrate effective ways to communicate sports nutrition messages to athletes and outline how to motivate individuals to make permanent behavior change. Early chapters provide an introduction to sports nutrition and give a thorough explanation of macronutrients, micronutrients, and water, and their relation to athletic performance. Later chapters focus on the practical and applied aspects of sports nutrition including behavior change through consultations and weight management. An end-of-text workbook provides readers with an opportunity to apply the information they have learned to various real-world activities. Instructor resources include a test bank with chapter quizzes, mid-term and final (in Navigate 2), Lecture Slides in PowerPoint format, and Instructor's Manual.