Recent Advances in Hematology

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    Hematology includes a wide variety of diseases ranging from aggressive course leukemia and lymphomato asymptomatic diseases with benign character. Especially in the last 2 decades, a variety ofnew agents have been developed for the treatment of diseases in the field of hematology.

   Scientists continue their studies on the use of targeted agents as much as they could instead of highdoseconventional chemotherapies in cancer treatment. Novel monoclonal antibodies, checkpointinhibitors, CAR-T or NK-T cell treatments and tumor vaccines are being investigated in the treatmentof many cancers. Despite these developments, no agent developed for hematological cancersin the last decade has been able to change the basic backbone treatment approaches. Many of themhave been approved for use as an adjunct to the main treatments or in the treatment of relapsedrefractory diseases. For example, although there are many new agents developed for the treatmentof multiple myeloma in the last decade, autologous stem cell transplantation remains the standardapproach in eligible patients.​