Infertility Management Modalities

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At the present time, infertility is a rising problem among the human beings. The reasons are multiple and the treatment options are changing every day in parallel of advances in technology. The treatment modalities in assisted reproductive technology differ among countries according to ethical, religious and legal issues. The detailed female and male investigation brings the opportunity of problem-focused therapy involvement. We know that fertility needs the successful coordination among embryo, endometrium and maternal immunity. And it is not always possible to have a good quality embryo for transfer especially in decreased ovarian reserve. On the other hand, azoospermia is the similar problem of male partner. Gametes are the principle materials of this technology. New modalities are being developed to get more and qualified oocytes and sperms. The main limitations get rise from religious and ethical properties according to countries. In Turkey, sperm and oocyte donation and uterine surrogacy are illegal. The treatment modalities are being developed according to this condition. In this book, we intended to update the treatment modalities that have been using in assisted reproductive technologies via literature review.

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