Holistic Approach to Thyroid Pathology

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  Thyroid diseases are one of the most common diseases in pathology practice. Today, with the increase in the use of imaging methods, the prevalence of thyroid diseases is increasing all over the world. The main problem in thyroid diseases is thyroid nodules, and thyroid cancer is observed in approximately 5% of all nodules regardless of size. In the evaluation of thyroid nodules, ultrasonography is very important to predict whether the nodule is malignant or benign and to evaluate the need for FNA and surgery. Also, the correlation with clinician and radiologist is extremely important in thyroid nodules. However, definitive diagnosis in thyroid nodules is possible only with pathological examination. There are many sensitive points in the pathological examination of thyroid nodules. Therefore, great attention should be paid to the pathological evaluation of nodules.

In this book, the chapters are handled in accordance with the World Health Organization. In the chapters, the difficulties and clues that pathologists face in daily practice are discussed in detail. Visual is very important in pathology practice and this book is prepared very richly in terms of visuals. Also, clinical and radiological correlation is extremely important in thyroid diseases and these sections are also briefly covered in this book. In this regard, we believe that this book will guide pathologists in the interpretation of complex thyroid biopsies.