Current Approach to Internal Medicine Emergencies

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  For all our colleagues who struggled at the fore front during the Covid-19 pandemic and lost their lives for this purpose. Internal medicine is one of the most comprehensive disciplines in medical professions. Diagnoses and treatments have been constantly updating and guidelines are created in this way, and it is preferred that physicians’ approach to the patient is up to date. Our aim is to present the current treatment methods to the esteemed readers to the extent that they take place in the medical literature by making a quick, practical, and accurate decision of the physician in front of the emergency patients. It has been the common goal of all authors to create a resource based on scientific foundations that will provide a broad perspective in terms of content and also address different specialties. On this occasion, we would like to thank both the authors of the department who contributed greatly to the preparation of the book and the staff of Associate Professor Aydın ÇİFCİ and Ankara Nobel Publishing House who supported us at every stage.

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