Approach to General Surgical Emergencies

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    Emergencies are the most critical and risky side of medical practice. Emergency patients, often encounteredat an unexpected time and place, are in an acute and distressing picture; both themselves and theircompanions are in a hurry and panic. More importantly, many urgent problems are life threatening. In theface of this complex picture, the physician will be alarmed and alarmed, especially if he is inexperienced;It can make the current picture more complicated with wrong applications in diagnosis and treatment. Onthe other hand, very satisfying results can be obtained with appropriate treatment in emergency diseases.General surgery is the cornerstone of all surgeries. For this reason, there is a wide knowledge. In addition,thanks to the developing technology, information in medical science is increasing rapidly. The generalsurgical ocean is the sea that forms our book.

    The software purpose of the book should include the most common emergencies in general surgery andall the necessary information on these issues for our colleagues who have just started surgery. Thus, wehave prepared this memorable book in which the reader, which contains the necessary information in sufficientlength on the most frequently encountered and most needed topics, can access correct and updatedinformation without overwhelming details.

 I would like to thank my teachers and friends from different universities and hospitals for not contributingtheir valuable contributions to the writing of the chapters of the book.An example of the success of a good general surgeon at the operation table as well as the success ofphotography art Dear teacher and colleague Assoc. Thank you for your contribution to our book with thephotos of Hüseyin BERKEM on the front and back cover of the book.With the best wishes that our book will contribute to our profession and those who are committed to theprofession…